• Start of abstract submission

    July 1, 2018
  • Deadline of abstract submission

    December 15, 2018
  • Deadline of full paper submission

    January 31 , 2019
  • Announcement of conference program

    March 1, 2019

Welcome Message

Prof. Dr. Magdiy Sabaa
President of Tanta University

Egypt's vision 2030, rooted in the concept of sustainable development via Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy, is consistent with the UN goals of sustainable development, the success achieved in Egypt at the level of energy and water and the executive and finance mechanisms in collaboration with state institutions.

Tanta University, one of the state institutions that contribute in the implementation of the strategy, holds this conference to promote and disseminate knowledge about the various integrated and intelligent technologies for the safe, secure, sustainable and affordable renewable energy and water resources.

The conference topics meet the national needs represented in facing the challenges arising from resource scarcity, variability and uncertainty driven by changes brought on by population growth, technological advances and policy developments.

The conference brings together thought leaders, researchers, scientists, engineers, academia, industry, investors, technology developers, planners, and policymakers to meet and present their research results in a compelling manner on novel technologies and applications of the renewable energy and water systems. Adding to that, they will explore the most suitable and effective ways to design, finance and build better and more sustainable resources with a common vision to identify threats, risks and key opportunities to drive future investments in both renewable energy and water resources.

Prof. Dr. Mostafa ElSheekh
Conference Chairman
Vice-President of Tanta University

We all certainly share the view that the next stage is an important turning point in the history of Egypt's scientific and technological renaissance, and that universities support the nation Thought and Future Prospects, and we will all take into consideration the challenges facing Egypt in order to achieve the strategic objectives Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and Egypt's Sustainable Development Strategy "Vision 2030".

Water and energy resources are becoming more exacerbated by longer-term trends, including population growth and shifting participation patters due to ongoing climate change. Joint action across industry stakeholders is needed in order to drive water-energy efficiencies and optimize their sustainability for future generations. This Renewable Energy and Water Sustainability Conference, 26-28 March, 2019 in Sharm El-Sheikh, organized by Tanta University, addresses the challenges facing water and renewable energy efficiency programs, technology advances that can help drive efficiencies and cost savings, and successful case studies of joint sustainability of water and energy and the conservation and optimization initiatives as well.

The event is unique in that it brings together startups, investors, business strategists, regulators, energy companies, water companies and technology innovators for three days of networking and sharing of insights into maximizing the most precious resources of our time.

Topics to be addressed include but not limited to: Technologies and energy storage, New materials for energy applications, water management, treatment, and desalination, Environmental hazards and therapeutic uses, Legal challenges and economic concepts, Future trends in energy, water sustainability and climate, and Remote sensing techniques and GIS applications.